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Two sisters and mums of little ones, we designed our great big bag when we couldn't find one big enough for days out with little ones - we believe it's the best big bag out there and now people across the world are loving it too 

2 in 1 bags

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Our aim to design the best big beach bag out there...

Extra Big Beach Bag

Our original mission - the big beach bag.  Firstly it's huge, so can fit in everything you need for a day at the beach.  It's water resistant so your belongings stay dry when it's left on damp sand or rained upon (our favourite holidays are in the UK but it does 'occassionally' rain!).  The front pocket is great for easy access for the sun creams. It's loose shoulder strap loops enable towels/hoodies to be stuffed in for that end of the day pack up, and are also great for carrying the spades.  Large carabiner allow flip flops, buckets and much more to be clipped on.

The design is simple so everyone in the family is happy carrying it, with a classic star print to bring a bit of colour, it's definitely a star bag!

While aiming to design the best big beach bag out there, what we now have is so much more, and every big bag comes with it's own amazing small star print bag!

Big Family Bag

It's an amazing family bag, with our smaller bags great for separating belongings for easy access (i.e. nappies sections, spare clothes).

All of our big bags come packed inside the smaller bag, so it's like getting 2 for 1, amazing value!  The cross body strap can also be used on the smaller bag making a fantastic small canvas cross body bag.

Flying?  It's a fantastic travel bag and works as flight hand luggage

It's a great holiday bag, working as hand luggage on flights (don't overfill it beyond the airline guidelines!) and doubling up as a great big beach bag for your travels.

Looking for the perfect big gym bag?

It's a fab gym bag, fitting everything in it you need for your class or session, with a pocket on the front for quick access items, zipped internal pocket for valuables and the separate smaller bag for toiletries or clean clothes!

Being fully lined and water resistant it makes a fab big family swim bag

A super swim bag, whether on your own or with the family.  It easily fits the costumes, towels, goggles and general paraphernalia for the whole family, and is water resistant if it's sitting along the poolside.

A wonderful large overnight bag for...

A stylish overnight bag for those sneaky nights away, pack everything you need into our great big bag - the perfect size.

A versatile extra large bag

A versatile day bag - not only for those with young children, our bags are great to use everyday.  No more plastic shopping bags, our bags are so big and strong they're great for the food shop too.

So much more we could say, click here for more info and colour options of our great big bags

Our popular small star print cross body bags...

For the first time this year we've made our fab small cross body bags available to buy separately.  We had no idea how popular they would prove as a fantastic casual handbag, with their great star print design on water resistant canvas. Click here for more info and colour options of our small star print bags.