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Two Queen Bees Reviews

two queen bees bee big beach bag

 'I have 2. Have the green and the grey/yellow! Love those bags! One the best purchases I have ever done!'


'I love it !!! I have had mine for a week now and it's great !!! I'm a childminder and I have 3 little ones everyday...this bag is great because I can put everything I need for them..from drinks, snacks, changes, first aid kit to buggy covers !! I'll also use it next year when I go to Iceland !!!'


 'Love mine, worth the investment '


'Just got my dark grey/yellow star one and it is great. To echo others, the bag is huge and fantastic quality. Shoulder straps to carry comfortably and one large strap that easily goes around my double buggy handle! Highly recommend and the price is great value'


'Got mine on Friday it's brilliant! Outstanding quality, terrific design and fabulous colour ( grey and yellow). Great communication re delivery ladies I wish you all the success that you deserve!'


'LOVE my bag!!! Use it all the time!'


'Love mine! Was amazing on holiday! Would love a navy colour for the winter! X'


'I can personally recommend these bags, they are great for days out and they weigh next to nothing themselves. I'll be ordering another this year as I've bought a coat in the same colour as my bag and I look a bit matchy'


'I love mine! Bags are brilliant! Used mine all last year summer and still look like new! X'

Bebe, January 2017

'I love my grey bag! I got the light grey and thought it may be a rookie error and that it would get marked easily but it super durable! May treat myself to another colour'


'Best bag ever wish this was around with my older kids'


'I can highly recommend these awesome bags! Mine went on a month backpacking trip around Europe with a 2&4 year old and was absolutely brilliant, multipurpose and just simply brilliant!!!!'


'I would like to say a big thank you Nicky, for letting me collect the bag from you two weeks ago (I managed to get the ferry on time) Honestly is the best bag ever, we used a lot, I have three kids and you can imagine how many things I have to carry , was a success in South France. I love my bag and recommend for all mums.'


'Just bought one for our holiday and it has been brilliant! We call it the Mary Poppins bag as I can fit all sorts of stuff in it. Was exactly the type of bag I was looking for and would totally recommend!'


'Love, love, love, my bag. Came with me to Mallorca for the summer and was used everyday for the beach, put all our towels and creams and swimmers for a family of four, plus I used the bag it comes in for all our wallets and electronics, perfect!'


'Best bag ever! And on holidays I've met other mums with the same bag and we got chatting over how wonderful the bag is and have even struck up great friendships. Thank you.'


'I love my bag too! Best holiday buy ever. Thank you twoqueenbees'


'Love my green one and was perfect for getting 3 kids paraphanalia to the beach in Portugal and smart enough to take into the restaurant on the way back. The pouch was perfect for storing everyone's sun cream in'

Debbie, Aug 2016

'I got the light grey one and used it on a trip to Ireland. Amazing bag, everything just fits in, it's bottomless. One of best bags I've ever bought.'

Deirdre P

'I bought one for our holiday (grey and yellow) and it is amazing. Huge and the bag it comes in is perfect for the wet cossies on the way home and I love the clip on the outside and the extra pockets. Genuinely one of my best ever buys'


'I love mine...have taken it on every holiday for the past few year and although my husband balked at me buying 'another' bag at the time, he now admits that we would be lost without it!'


'Just took mine to Florida. Absolutely perfect bag. So big my 6 year old fits inside.'


'Used mine recently on hol, in the airport etc. So useful as can pack loads in! Also used the storage pouch inside the bag to keep all my baby changing stuff in so could find it all easily. Loved the pale grey colour too!'


'I love my ice grey one had it over a year maybe more and it's still going strong. Stylish yet huge and great as a carry on bag'


'Amazing bag!! Perfect for a flight with 2 minis. Def rate it.'


'I am half way through my 2 week holiday and I can honestly say - best thing I brought with me! I LOVE my bag! I know I know, it's 'just a bag' (my husbands words) but it's not! It's got in it 4x sun cream, 4 towels 2 books 2 water guns, phone, talcum powder, keys, goggles, food, large bottle of water - and ROOM TO SPARE!! It's amazing, and it looks gorgeous! It's been on every type of floor and no marks on it - at all!! I really love my bag xxxx'


'I love it and use it as my normal changing bag. I haven't yet found another bag that can cope with two lots of kids clothes, snacks, 2 water bottles, nappies etc etc, basically everything that you need to carry for 2 toddlers. My two are 3 and 21 months.'


'Just tying to work out if I need other colours... Love this bag. Managed to fit all stuff needed for a holiday for a 5 month old & 21 month old last November & then used it every day for beach trips. Genius product.'


'I love love love my bag. Took it on 2 flights, beach, hotels and numerous weekend trips. Love the way it folds into the little waterproof bag (which is now my nappy bag). Good quality. Fast delivery. Excellent service. Keep it up Two Queen Bees!'


big bag, green, perfect for beach bag / weekend bag / gym bag / baby bag / change bag, folds away to fit into great smaller pouch bag
big bag, grey, perfect for beach bag / weekend bag / gym bag / baby bag / change bag, folds away to fit into great smaller pouch bag
big bag, grey perfect for beach bag / weekend bag / gym bag / baby bag / change bag, folds away to fit into great smaller pouch bag
big bag, blue, perfect for beach bag / weekend bag / gym bag / baby bag / change bag, folds away to fit into great smaller pouch bag
two queen bees big beach bag
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