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October Charity Sale

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased in our May Sale earlier this year, with half the purchase price being donated to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity we donated over £850 on your behalf!

We hand check every product before sending it on its way and some don't make the grade, often for small cosmetic imperfections. Once again we have decided to hold a sale of these products, and will be donating half the purchase price to the charities CoppaFeel and George and the Giant Pledge - our October Sale goes live today!!!

CoppaFeel - encouraging, educating and empowering young people to lead to earlier detection of breast cancer - take a look now for more information and to sign up to their regular reminder service.

George and the Giant Pledge - a hugely inspiring local charity aiming to raise £1,000,000 for The Royal Marsden Cancer CharityGet shopping lovely people!!!

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