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Get Breast Aware...Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October, one of our favourite times of year when the Autumn colours are shouting out around us, the wellies are out and the conkers are being collected - but also an amazing month where Breast Cancer charities around the world come together to raise awareness, support and fundraising for vital research.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women the UK with one woman diagnosed every 10 minutes and 1 in 7 women in the UK developing it during their lifetime. But it doesn't only affect women as around 370 men are also diagnosed each year so make sure the men in your life are also fully aware of the symptoms they need to check for*.

Take some time this month to increase your awareness on the symptoms on breast cancer, you can even sign up to

CoppaFeels' monthly SMS reminder service (only need a name and mobile number!) to receive a quirky monthly reminder to 'check your boobs' - use the link

We feel so strongly about Breast Cancer Awareness we're donating £5 from every big bag little bag combo sold during October to Breast Cancer Now - so get buying 😜

There are some great resources and support groups out there, hers a few to take a look at -

*statistics from Breast Cancer Now


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